10 Ways for Pastors to Hinder the Church

After reading 10 Ways to Hinder your church, a friend asked me for a separate list for pastors. Here is what I came up with.  Can you think of any others?

1. Avoid preaching the Word of God.

2. Be more concerned about what people think than what God thinks.

3. Realize preaching is really about entertainment.

4. Never take time off.

5. Spend all your time on secondary matters and never really get to the Gospel.

6. Get a hobbyhorse and ride it every week.

7. Don’t study; just expect the Spirit to give you your sermon as to walk up to the pulpit.

8. When you have a point to make but don’t know how to make it, shout louder.

9. Exegete movie quotes as the text of your sermon.

10. Realize that it’s not about truth, it’s all about how people feel.

May we all preach the Word.


3 thoughts on “10 Ways for Pastors to Hinder the Church

  1. Am a pastor need to know the role of leaders in a church.let me more about the role of the leaders.
    1.Elder’s role in a church
    2.Pastor’s role in a church
    3.Apostle’s role in a church
    4. Evangelist’s role in a church
    5. Administrator’s role in a church
    6. Prophets in a church
    7. Usher in a church
    8. worship and praise leaders in a church

    when are these ministers be chosen in a church.
    Pastor: Stephen KAbakira,
    God cares ministries International-Uganda.


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